Our staff

                                Lili gives priority to the security of every employee. To help staff build up the safety awareness and 

                                reduce risk on workshop accidents, the trainings for safe workshop operations are regularly organized.

                             Lili was awarded with “Outstanding Supplier” by its customer, Lincoln Industrial.

                            The leader from the headquarters of Lincoln industrial was inspecting the product manufacturing line in                                                           our workshop..

                           Andy Glenn Faulkner (3rd right), the external expert of Lili was awarded with one of the outstanding
                           overseas talents in Beilun.

                           German expert (Friedrich Westphal) was giving technical guidance on natural gas series products to 
                           our engineers.

                          The growth and achievements of Lili was connected close to the contribution of each employee. During every New Year’s                           Eve dinner, we not only share and celebrate the success in the past year

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