Workshop Appliance

        As a modernized enterprise with the verbund service of product design, manufacturing,              processing and assembling, Lili is equipped with mold workshop, machining and precision        CNC center, burring workshop and assembling & packing workshop. Each workshop takes        the responsibility to guarantee the efficiency and quality of the producing and boost the                  product line.



              Machining center                                               Precision CNC center                                            Assembling center        


      Since high products quality and manufacturing capability is necessarily supported by a solid       series of equipment, Lili has imported cutting edge manufacturing, processing and testing         machine from China and abroad. At present, our manufacturing workshop owns dozens of         180-800T die casting machines. Our processing workshop is equipped with 4-axis                        machining center, precision CNC center (with the accuracy of 0.005mm), die-spotting                    machines wire-cutting machines, EDMs, etc. Our inspection center has chemical elements        analyzer, X-Ray detector, CMM, projector, high & low temperature texting chamber, hardness                                                                                meter, etc.


   180-800t die casting machine                              Automatic precise CNC center                                     Spark machine


            CNC-500 projector                                         Coordinate measuring machine                                  Hardness meter

Spring tension& compression dynamometer         Metal spectrum analyzer                             High&low temperature testing chambe

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